Boris Herzberg
Boris Herzberg
Boris Herzberg
Life is all about building relationships with others, but more so with ourselves. The external difficulties we experience in relationships with others are entirely indicative of the internal difficulties of our own relationship with ourselves. The feelings we have towards other people are the feelings we tend to have towards ourselves. Therefore, resolving inner conflicts and exploring the essence of your relationships with yourself helps build happy relationships with others as well as overcome negative emotions and find meaning and long-time purpose in life.

My name is Boris Herzberg, pleased to meet you!
Life-coach (MCI - Master Coach, Israel)
Psychologist (Moscow Institute of Group Therapy and Supervision)
Psychoanalyst in advanced training (East-European Institute for Psychoanalysis)

11 years of counselling and coaching

Experience with more than 1600 clients in personal sessions and groups (+500 in educational courses)

Author of the book "The path to your self. Practical guide to self-development".

Lecturer for self-actualization, relationship building, self-confidence strengthening and overcoming emotional crises (more than 60 offline and online events)

Born in 1980, lived in 3 countries, in a civil union, loving father of 3 kids and faithful servant to 2 cats

My approach varies from client to client and I can work either with problem or with person. Some need coaching format working on a conscious level of dealing and operating the external events and navigating through them while keeping themselves in inner balance. Others require deeper approach touching on the subconscious level of functioning. As a psychologist I work in a psychoanalytic pattern and if you feel you need a deeper work we go on on exploring yourself by exploring the unconscious level of functioning which includes connections to the early childhood, early attachment patterns, peculiarities of your personality (both inherent and acquired), dreams explorations, free associations and the relationship to the external world as a means to understand how you can build healthy, helping and caring relationship with yourself.
The issues we concern ourselves in counseling
Exploring and overcoming negative feelings: anger, anxiety, fears, guilt and shame
Strengthening self-confidence and self-worth
Overcoming communication difficulties
Coping with separation and divorce
Resolving unconscious inner conflicts
Overcoming inner barriers in building relationships with yourself and others
Watch my self-help webinar "How to deal with negative emotions"
Clients testimonials
Costs and technical details
Initial 15 min session is free
Sessions cost 100$ / 85€
Duration of session is 50 minutes.
Recommended meetings frequency 1-2 times a week
Full confidentiality guaranteed.

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