Boris Herzberg
Psychoanalytic Therapist
Relationship Consultant

Boris Herzberg
Psychoanalytic Therapist
Relationship Consultant

Boris Herzberg
Psychoanalytic Therapist
Relationship Consultant
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Greetings! My name is Boris Herzberg and I am a psychoanalytic therapist, relationship consultant and ICF coach working online
I help couples improve their communication, resolve conflicts, and better their relationship, and I help individuals find what hinders their happiness and overcome it.

I work in a psychoanalytic paradigm but I would describe my therapeutic and consulting approach as adaptive, because I see each person as a unique being and thus work in a holistic way - with people, not with problems.

Psychoanalyst (East-European Institute for Psychoanalysis), St-Petersburg, Russia
Life-coach (MCI ICF - Master Coach, Israel)
Psychological counselor (Moscow Institute of Group Therapy and Supervision)

14 years of counselling and coaching

Experience with more than 1700 clients in personal sessions and groups (+600 in educational formats)

Author of the book "The path to yourself. Practical guide to self-development". Contributing blogger for Psychology Today

Lecturer for self-actualization, relationship building, self-confidence strengthening and overcoming emotional crises (more than 60 offline and online events)

Born in 1980, have lived in different countries, married, loving father of 3 amazing kids and humble cohabitant to 2 wayward cats

Contact me for any questions or consultation
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